Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Get in the Flow!

When one designs a group of spaces, it is extremely important to understand the movements that will occur within the space.  This is often referred to as "flow".  Occupants are seldom, if ever motionless.  Key questions to ask when designing or modifying an existing space are:

- How many occupants at a time will occupy this space?  If this is a large number, have multiple ways individuals can come and go.
- Are there any dead end paths?
- Are there pockets for small group interactions?
- Do natural circulation paths cross through the center of interaction zones?  If they do... change the route!

Most of us non-military types walk in the paths of least resistance, not much different then my dogs do as they head out across the well traveled path to greet my neighbor's dog Jake.  These travel paths should not be cluttered or be places where groups of people would likely gather to interact.

Proper flow is a key element of how successful a space will eventually function.  Keep it in mind...

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