Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Stairs 101

As I began to write about stairs, it quickly became evident that this simple aspect of a home is way more complicated than a single blog could encompass.  All of us have been on a staircase, some comfortable, some downright scary.  What is it that makes a stair comfortable?  What makes a stair grand? Where is the best place to locate a stair?  What are the trade-offs between form and function? 
Obviously, there are lots of questions that need answers…and so my “Stair Series” of blog posts begin. Throughout this series, my goal will be to heighten the understanding of the hows and whys of stair architecture. I hope to accomplish this through a step by step (sorry for the pun!) explanation of the design considerations I encounter on my projects.
Stay tuned for upcoming posts as my “Stair Series” explores 
the ups and downs of stair design. 
(More puns! Too many opportunities!)

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